Cooperative regional wool tender - February 2022

Published at: 11 May 2022

Postpartum wool also has an opportunity to be sold at the end of the harvest.

Postpartum wool also has an opportunity to be sold at the end of the harvest. In this case, as the volume is smaller compared to the prepartum wool, the participating organizations are the cooperatives La Amistad, La Ventana, Calibui and the Group of Producers of Los Menucos, which are part of the Network of Organizations of the Southern Region and coordinated by the technical teams of INTA and the Livestock Program of the Ente de Desarrollo para la Región Sur (EDRS) and with the support of the FONTAGRO project "Adaptation to climate change in family livestock farming".

Of the 6 wool firms invited, Fuhrmann, Textil Ituzaingo, Lempriere, Chargeurs wool, Fowler and Unilán, all made offers independently for each of the lots of each organization. The following is a summary of the lots of each organization and the values obtained.

Organization Kilos Fineness Yield Comb U$S/kg Winner
Coop. La Amistad 14,239 20.0 µm 54.8 % 4,642 Unilán
Coop. La Ventana 10,500 20.3 µm 51.4 % 4.468 Textil Ituizango
Coop. Calibui 21,438 19.4 µm 54.1 % 5.052 Unilán
Los Menucos Group 7,647 19.5 µm 53.2 % 5.052 Unilán

All the lots obtained a price higher than the reference price of the PROLANA SIPYM price calculator, which is a benefit for the Network of participating organizations and renews the efforts to consolidate a competitive and transparent sales system, fostering solidarity among the organizations and showing seriousness towards the invited firms.
In conclusion, in this joint bidding process, the four livestock organizations, by selling at an average of $528/kg, achieved a differential margin of $128/kg with respect to the $400 average area stocking value, a total regional injection of $28,417,602 and a tax contribution to the national coffers of $5,967,696. Distributed among 50 families, this is an average family subsidy of $568,352.
The experience of joint sales within the framework of the Network of Organizations allows the renewal of protocol agreements for presentation, marketing and logistics, with the support of field technicians from different institutions, who coordinate the general sale. Finally, the commercial process is carried out in coordination with the Prolana Program for Small Producers, which certifies the quality of the product sold, covering operating expenses and pre-financing shearing, and with the Fiber Laboratory of the E.E.A. - INTA Dr. Greenville Morris in San Carlos de Bariloche, through which samples of each lot are processed in record time to certify their quality and sell them at competitive prices.
These activities support and sustain the bases of the socio-organizational processes that are framed in the cooperative processes and also within many communities of native peoples. It is considered that today another step has been taken in the construction of a network of organizations, with a future projection of continuing to consolidate a transparent space for marketing, strategic training and sharing knowledge and realities, with the ultimate goal of strengthening the sector in every sense.

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