Call for Proposals
Other agencies:
USD 180.000
Counterpart Amount:
USD 360.900
Execution time
42 Months
Total Amount:
USD 540.900
Participating countries:
Argentina Argentina Costa Rica Costa Rica Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Honduras Honduras Uruguay Uruguay
Funding source:
Other agencies 33% Counterpart Amount 67%

Executive Summary

At present, there is an increase in the demand for animal protein in the world and it is estimated that it will grow 70% by 2050. This is an opportunity for milk production countries in LAC to supply domestic and foreign markets with dairy products. However, the increase in livestock production may have a significant environmental impact due to GHG emissions. In addition, climate change (cycles, rainfall patterns and intensive temperature) threatens production and increases the vulnerability of milk production systems. To reduce these effects, these systems need to have better indicators for efficiency and productivity to get a sustainable intensification in resource use, such as water, soil, and climate. To this purpose, this Project seeks to develop digital tools to improve real-time information capture about the production system and adapt its activities to climate-smart dairy farms. 

The technological solution

The Project will develop digital tools (a web platform, and applications for mobile devices and computers) to monitor in real-time productive, climate and management aspects to implement climate-smart dairy farms (CSDF) in the region.


New capacities built for the milk production sector in LAC and CSDF implementation .

The establishment of a public-private net with the technical capacity to develop climate-smart dairy production.

Digital tools (a web platform, applications for mobile devices and computers) based on Good Practices to manage climate-smart dairy farms.

Training of dairy farmers, technicians and extensionists in the use of technological tools for the sustainable management of milk establishments.

The countries ‘consensus has been reached and is the common ground for the good practices base document. This document has sections related to pastures and crops, hygiene in milking, animal health, environment, animal reproduction, socioeconomic management, feeding, animal welfare, and inclement weather. At present, LECHECK.APP has been developed. This is an application, based on the consensus document, that helps producers and technicians to implement good practices in dairy farms. The purpose of LECHECK.APP is to improve the productivity of the establishment, ensure the quality of the milk, mitigate the production of greenhouse gases and adapt to climate change and in this way achieve CSDF.  Likewise, technicians have begun to be trained in the use of the app in different countries.


  • 3000 milk producers
  • 20 organizations (coops, associations, clusters, and SMEs).
  • 200 professionals and technicians from the milk sector.
  • 300 students from agricultural high schools and university programs about milk production.
  • 10 milk processing companies and 25 municipal residents from Argentina, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Honduras, trained in the use of Agtech tools for milk production. .

Sustainable Development Goals

No poverty Zero Hunger Decent work and economic growth Responsible consumption and production Climate action Life on land

Main donors

Participating Organizations

  • Fundación ArgenINTA (ARGENINTA) - Argentina
  • Instituto Dominicano de Investigaciones Agropecuarias y Forestales (IDIAF) - República Dominicana
  • Instituto Nacional de Investigación Agropecuaria (INIA) - Uruguay
  • Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria (INTA) - Argentina
  • Instituto Nacional de Innovación y Transferencia en Tecnología Agropecuaria (INTA) - Costa Rica
  • Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC-AR) - Argentina
  • Cámara Hondureña de la Leche (CAHLE) - Honduras
  • Fundación para el Fomento y Promoción de la Investigación y Transferencia de Tecnología Agropecuaria (FITTACORI) - Costa Rica
  • Dirección Nacional Láctea - Ministerio de Producción y Trabajo de Argentina (DNL) - Argentina
  • Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganadería (MAyG) - Argentina
  • Clúster Lechero Regional (Clúster Lechero Regional) - Argentina
  • Secretaría de Ganadería Lechería y Recursos Naturales del Ministerio de la Producción de Santa Fé (SGLyRN) - Argentina
  • Sociedad de Productores de Leche de Florida (Sociedad de Productores de Leche de Florida) - Uruguay
  • Tambero ( - Argentina
  • Asociación de Productores de Leche de Arroyo Grande I.N.C (APLAG INC) - República Dominicana
  • Cámara de Ganaderos Los Chiles (CGC) - Costa Rica

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With the support of
Fondo Coreano de Alianza para el Conocimiento en Tecnología e Innovación (KPK)