Graduated in Tourism from the University of Morón in Argentina and, after working in Argentina and abroad in the activity, in 2015 he joined the National Institute of Agricultural Technology of Argentina to develop collaborative tools within the "Platform to consolidate Beekeeping as a development tool in Latin America and the Caribbean”; a Fontagro project carried out in Argentina, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay, generating virtual multidisciplinary work spaces in different media. Said project was awarded for its scientific excellence within the framework of the XII Technical Follow-up Workshop for FONTAGRO Projects in La Ceiba, Honduras.
He develops his current activity in internal and external communication of projects within INTA of Argentina and external projects such as the international project Horizon 2020 Digital Global Biogas Cooperation. He is part of the communication team of the Agtech project for Climate-Smart Dairy, another Fontagro project co-executed in Argentina, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay.


Fellow researchers


Livia María Negri Rodríguez

agtech milk and milk products food processing technologies food food quality

Alejandro La Manna

animal physiology nutrition agricultural engineering agricultural waste processing

María Verónica Aimar

milk production quality management agtech animal welfare milk quality
Costa Rica

María Gabriela Mora Mora

dairy farming animal genetics
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