Interviewing our researchers

Published at: 23 November 2022

Alejandro La Manna is a senior researcher at INIA in Uruguay, one of the co-executing agencies of the project. In this interview, he shares his impressions on "Agtech for Climate-Smart Dairy".

What is the expected impact of the project on dairy production?

The project allows, with an overview of the entire dairy farm, to see where and how we stand in different areas and what are the most urgent or least developed issues that we have to address.

The fact of having a series of results allows us to see several areas and have a checklist. This information will help us improve efficiency on the dairy related to improved results using the app.

Why moving towards climate-smart dairy?

Well, it is known that we are suffering from climate change. There is a growing concern in the population and the impacts are increasing. Any action that helps us mitigate these aspects will be very useful.

Improving the efficiency in the use of resources will give us better results in the production and, in addition, it will generate a reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases.

Why do you think the development of these digital tools is necessary?

Digital tools help us make better informed decisions. Today they are available to all players in the sector. It is often the fastest way we have to receive data and then the corresponding measures.

I am convinced that digital tools are going to be more popular if they are practical and really help the producer to make those better-informed decisions.

What challenges do you anticipate in the implementation of these digital tools?

Above all, they must be practical and they must give a result to the producer or user of those tools. If they comply with these premises, they will be very useful for the producer because it will allow them to know what is happening, if they have to make changes to achieve better efficiency.

I believe in these tools. If they are practical and they give a result that the producer can see. This is how they will gain ground in the future.

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