Interviewing our Researchers - Carmen Antonia García

Published at: 17 February 2023

Carmen Antonia García is the Executive Director of the Cámara Hondureña de la Leche (CAHLE), one of the co-executing agencies of the project. In this interview, she shares her impressions on “Agtech project for Climate-Smart Dairy”.

What is the expected impact of the project on dairy production?

We hope that with this project the producers will have the opportunity to change those practices they have been developing over time and that constitute inadequate management. With the implementation of this tool they will be able to identify them and then be able to improve them.

What is the reason you work on climate-smart dairy?

It is the future, producers who cannot adapt to climate change will tend to disappear over time.

Why do you think the development of these digital tools is necessary?

Because markets change, globalization advances and producers who do not adapt to these changes may disappear.

What challenges do you anticipate in the implementation of these digital tools?

The most important challenge we have been able to identify is that the producer can adopt this tool, farmers are almost always reluctant to change and especially to digital and technological tools when older workers predominate on the farm.

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