Validation stage of the LECHECK app

Published at: 13 September 2022

The project has accomplished the first stage in the validation of the LECHECK app with workshops in Argentina and Uruguay

The first stage of validation consisted in workshops presenting the app and starting the process in each country. This began on May 18th 2022 in Costa Rica, continued through Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Argentina and on August 31st in Uruguay. This stage will be finished with workshops in each country to analyze the results and then a final workshop for co-executors for a global analysis.

A total of 104 professionals from the five countries of Latin America and the Caribbean participated in this first stage, who were trained in the use of the app and participated in the validation process to improve it.

We interviewed Livia Negri, who leads the "Agtech for Climate-Smart Dairy" project, who told us her impressions:

“We were able to successfully implement the validation process in each country. One of the most important stages in the development of the app in which we make the tool known and start up the activities to obtain quality information so that it adapts to the production of each of the countries that make up part of the project. Being able to work together and expand the audience will allow us to perfect the application to generate the desired impact on the proposed objectives. This is how we started the validation process that will culminate at the end of November.”

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