Catalog of Innovations in the livestock sector of Latin America and the Caribbean

Published at: 25 August 2022

The project participated in survey of experiences in livestock innovations carried out by FAO and IICA in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The catalog presents a set of 32 innovations from 18 Latin American and Caribbean countries, shared through a digital questionnaire carried out by FAO and IICA, documenting innovative technologies, approaches and tools applied to livestock production chains.

The catalog of innovations aims to illustrate solutions to the challenges facing livestock producers and extended food systems, with demonstrated impacts on youth employment, gender equality, unlocking financial barriers, markets, increasing productivity and income at the farm level, improving the resilience of the system, among others.

It is important for the project to participate in this catalog in order to achieve a greater dissemination of the tools to the LAC dairy producer, integrating them into the process of Validation currently underway.

You can view and download the publication at:

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