Fontagro HLB project leader trains agronomy students at UNLu

Published at: 04 March 2024

Silvana Giancola, coordinator of the Fontagro HLB project, gave an exclusive training session for Agronomy students at the Floriculture Institute of INTA Castelar, Argentina.

Silvana Giancola, coordinator of the Fontagro HLB project and researcher at INTA's Center for Research in Economics and Prospective (CIEP), provided exclusive training for students of the Agronomy program. Ana Schonholz, a participant in the project, also from INTA CIEP, was part of the group. The event took place on September 7, 2023 at the Institute of Floriculture of INTA Castelar, Argentina.

The event was characterized by the active participation of 20 students, most of them women, and 4 teachers of the Phytopathology Department, showing a strong interest in knowing the details of the Fontagro HLB project, the HLB disease and its vector, Diaphorina citri.

Silvana Giancola gave a detailed presentation on the HLB disease, its vector, as well as control and management strategies. She also highlighted the progress of the Fontagro HLB project, co-financed by Fontagro, with promising results in integrated pest management (IPM) in family agriculture.

The day concluded with a discussion that showed the genuine interest of its participants. Both students and teachers expressed their appreciation for the valuable update on the HLB situation, as well as for the strategies for prevention and management of the disease-vector. Some even expressed their interest in participating in the 3rd edition of the course for citrus monitors of the same Fontagro project, from the INTA PROCADIS platform.

The training reflected the importance of collaboration between academic institutions and INTA, particularly projects such as FONTAGRO, in the training of professionals in agronomy, strengthening knowledge on citrus growing and integrated disease management.


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