Within Fontagro Inta´s project a series of entomology trainings sessions was recently launched

Published at: 14 September 2021

On Friday, September 24, the first of four technical training sessions will take place. Current training session Will focus on flower fly, Contarinia maculipennis wich is an emerging plague in lemon, Training activities will be conducted by Ag. Eng

FONTAGRO ATN / RF Project - 17232 - RG "Sustainable control of the HLB vector in Family Agriculture in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia" aims to adapt and disseminate integrated pest management (IPM) technology in order to control Huanglongbing s (HLB) vector in family farming (FF), through collective innovation management approach. Within the framework of Component 1. HLB vector control in a context of local adaptation of integrated management, and in conjunction with the INTA Frutícola projects of EEA Bella Vista and the Sustainable Intensification of the fruit chains project, activities seek to train producers and technicians in early identification and field monitoring of flower fly Contarina maculipennis in lemon lots.

Next trainings sessions will be held on September 30, October 15 and 21.

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Sustainable control of vector of HLB in Family Farming
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