Evaluating sustainability

Published at: 29 October 2020

A four virtual training sessions regarding sustainability and evaluation methodologies was launched today.

Activities seek to conceptually introduce professionals in this topics  and provide tools to evaluate  sustainability of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) technology in citrus through the Ambitec-Agro methodology , among other useful tools.  

“Assessing sustainability” sessions are organized by FONTAGRO s Project “Prevention and control of HLB in family citriculture in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia”; and INTA Argentina Structural Project “Sustainable intensification of fruit chains” (INTA 2019 portfolio).

The first of four webinars took place on Wednesday, October 28. Next 3 sessions will take place during November (4, 11 and 18).


Silvana Giancola researcher at INTA CIEP and FONTAGROs project Leader gave a welcome speech and presented keynote speakers. Next, Susana Alderete Salas from INTA Catamarca and Laura Salvador from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the National University of Córdoba, Argentina addressed  the following key topics:

“Sustainability and its evaluation in Agriculture”, trends in sustainability measurement and sustainable development; definitions and indicators systems.


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Second meeting will address Sustainability - Impact Evaluation Methods applied to technological innovations - INTAs evaluation experiences;

Third Meeting will focus on Introduction to the Environmental Impact Assessment System for Technological Innovations - Ambitec-Agro;

Finally in the fourth meeting speakers will be addressing practical issues: Adaptation and implementation of Ambitec-Agro methodology to study impacts and adoption of good coexistence practices with the citrus HLB.


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Wednesday, November 4:



Wednesday, November 11:



Wednesday, November 18:




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