Assessing sustainability – Session 4

Published at: 26 November 2020

The virtual training cycle of four meetings on sustainability and evaluation methodologies ended successfully last week.

In order to conceptually introduce professionals in this topic and provide tools to evaluate the sustainability of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) technology in citrus through the Ambitec-Agro method, FONTAGROs project “Sustainable HLB vector control   in Family Farming in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia; and Structural (INTA 2019 portfolio) “Sustainable intensification of fruit chains”, organized the afore mentioned training cycle “Assessing sustainability”.

Due to pandemics, current training sessions took place in four virtual meetings

Previous meetings took place on October 28, November 4 and 11. The fourth and last meeting took place on November 18.

Lecturer Silvana Giancola, researcher at INTA CIEP and Leader of the FONTAGRO project gave a welcome speech. Next, Geraldo Stachetti Rodrigues, senior researcher at EMBRAPA Brazil, addressed the audience and presented some experiences regarding “Adaptation and implementation of the Ambitec-Agro system methodology to the study of impacts and adoption of good coexistence practices with the HLB of citrus fruits.

Download the presentation:

Evaluation of environmental impacts and adoption of good control practices of the HLB of citrus fruits - Geraldo Stachetti Rodrigues 


See the video of the talk:

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