Panama Delivery of iron-rich bean seeds for certified quality production

Published at: 27 September 2023

It all starts with a seed: agriculture at the service of human nutrition

Through the Regional Alliances for the Dissemination of Iron-Rich Beans project for Latin America and the Caribbean financed by FONTAGRO, IDIAP delivered 33 quintals of seed of 3 varieties of beans rich in iron (IDIAP NUA-24, IDIAP P-0911 and IDIAP P-1338), of which 25 quintals are in the registered category for the multiplication of certified seed.
At the event held in the province of Chiriquí they received the seed:
• The Cañaveral Producers Association.
• Mixed agro-environmental and artisanal association of Cerro Tula.
• Producer José Félix Yangüez.
• Quebrada del Ciprian R.L. United Peasants Production Cooperative.

The remaining 8 quintals of seed will be delivered to grain producers to encourage and promote the production of bean varieties rich in iron.

In the community of Quebrada del Ciprian, producer Felicito Valdez has been planting this crop for 22 years and told us that this delivery is important for them since they will produce nutritious beans that will help contribute positively to the diet of many people.
The moment was appropriate to point out the importance of strengthening components of the agri-food chain of this sector, such as the agronomic management process with good practices until the harvest and sale of this product, indicated Eng. Luis Jorge of MIDA.

With this delivery of seed and adequate management by the project technicians, the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA), in conjunction with the monitoring of the National Seed Committee, it is expected that producers will be able to multiply the registered seed for the first time and not buy this seed next year.
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