Laura Torres, the young Arhuaca indigenous woman who, through working with Biofortified Beans, empowers her community

Published at: 10 November 2023

In the context of #AgroExpo2023, the story of Laura Torres is presented, who presents the perspective of her community regarding the hybrid or intercultural technological innovation that the Corporation is carrying out at its stand. Since 2018, AGROSAVIA has established a close relationship of trust with the Arhuaco communities, mainly through the Agrosavia Rojo 43 Biofortified Bean variety. The Agrilac Resiliente Cesar initiative has allowed traditional knowledge and agroecology to be intertwined for crop management . In addition, both Agrilac Resiliente and the Fontagro Fríjol Alto Hierro Project have contributed to the establishment of a local brand for the short-circuit marketing of ethnic self-consumption surpluses.
In a participatory approach, the Kolfaci Drought Bean Project is developing, in collaboration with the Arhuacos, a new variety adapted to drought and with high nutritional value. Laura Torres has been an active participant in this series of processes led by AGROSAVIA.   

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Regional alliances for iron-rich beans in Latin American countries
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