Training on guidelines for bean seed production

Published at: 30 May 2023

Within the Project Framework "Regional Alliances for the dissemination of iron-rich beans in Latin American and Caribbean countries", financed by the "Regional Fund for Agricultural Technologies (FONTAGRO)," which aims to increase the dissemination of bean varieties iron-rich beans to strengthen the value chain and the consumption of foods with higher nutritional content and that in Honduras is executed by the Directorate of Agricultural Science and Technology (DICTA), of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG), developed 2 training events aimed at producers from the departments of Olancho and El Paraíso who will establish multiplication and dissemination plots of the Honduras Nutritivo iron-rich bean variety during the first agricultural cycle 2023; as well as technical-administrative staff from the DICTA regional offices that are collaborating in the development of this activity.

The events were coordinated by the Project Leader in Honduras, Eng. Ricardo Salgado, who during the events presented the general information of the project and especially that related to component No. 2, "Multiplying and scaling the seed production of varieties of iron-rich bean", whose objective is to validate the processes for the multiplication and dissemination of seeds and to scale these iron-rich bean varieties released in each country to the farm level of producers.

Instructors were Eng. Danilo Escoto, bean researcher, who provided training on "agronomic management oriented to bean seed production" and Eng. Samuel Izaguirre, head of the Seed Program who provided training on "Aspects to be considered in field production and bean seed conditioning”.

The events took place in the municipality of Juticalpa, department of Olancho on Tuesday, May 3, and in the municipality of Danlí, department of El Paraíso, on Friday, May 5, 2023.

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Regional alliances for iron-rich beans in Latin American countries
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