Pre-launch virtual event of the Iron-Rich Beans Project for Latin America and the Caribbean

Published at: 23 January 2023

Beans: a crop with a high micronutrient content and an alternative for food and nutritional security.

Despite the progress achieved in the last decade, malnutrition problems in the LAC region remain relevant, affecting a significant proportion of the population. Micronutrient-rich crops constitute an interface between agriculture and nutrition to address food insecurity and nutritional deficiencies.

The biofortified beans, for example, have an average iron content of 75 ppm, surpassing traditional varieties that contain 50 ppm. In this context, crops rich in micronutrients, such as beans rich in iron considered in this project, constitute an important contribution to strengthen the food and nutritional security of the population, and especially that which is most vulnerable.

To advance in biofortification issues, comprehensive work approaches are required, inter and multidisciplinary, and in conjunction with the public and private sectors; for this reason this initiative seeks to highlight these technologies with iron-rich bean seeds in the countries and accompany all the actors in the agri-food chains with specific knowledge management strategies, transfer and communicate the technology and thus facilitate the adoption by the producers.

With this, in the initial framework of the Regional Alliances Project for the Dissemination of Iron-Rich Beans for Latin America and the Caribbean Project, as part of the Knowledge Management activities, invites you to participate in the virtual Conference "Iron-Rich Beans for Latin America and the Caribbean”.

Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Time: 9:00 am from the Republic of Panama.

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In the event, public participation was achieved through the zoom platform in virtual mode and in person to more than 20 technicians and researchers from IDIAP Panama.

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