High iron bean project financed by FONTAGRO disseminates agroclimatic risk management tools for this crop with academia and producers in the Caribbean

Published at: 10 July 2023

During the training and dissemination cycle of year one of the project, five workshops were held aimed at academia, regional actors, producers and beneficiary indigenous communities.

The activities were given at the Free University of Barranquilla, University Foundation of the Andean Area Valledupar headquarters, Cuba-Putumayo village and Arhuaca communities of the Umuriwa and Ikarwa reservations located in the rural area of the capital of the department of César. The workshops were carried out by the senior Ph.D. researcher of the Motilonia Research Center, Adriana Tofiño, the master researcher of the Research Center, Palmira Yanine Rozo, the master researcher of the Tibaitata Research Center, Douglas Gómez, and the technology transfer professional of the La Suiza Research Center (Cúcuta headquarters), Elizabeth Rochel.

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Regional alliances for iron-rich beans in Latin American countries
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