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Joint proyects 2020 · Biofortificación

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Call for Proposals 2016 · ATN/RF-16111-RG

Fruit Productivity and Competitiveness Andean

Tropical fruits are the third most valuable fruit group worldwide, behind bananas and apples. Latin America and the Caribbean, regions where fruits are mainly cultivated by smallholders, are well positioned to benefit from the increase in international demand for fresh fruit and its derivatives, which are growing at a similar rate.Fruit farming is an economic activity of increasing importance in C...

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Call for Proposals 2016 · ATN/RF-16109-RG

Development and technological innovation in the production and transformation of cacao into products with added value in the Andean sector

The objective of this project is to establish technological innovations for cacao producers in Andean areas. Focus was put on improving the quality of cacao beans during production and processing or with added value achieving differentiation and access to a new market. The specific objectives are the following: Zoning by quality: differentiated quality material characterization and identification ...

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Call for Proposals 2016 · ATN/RF-16108-RG

Comparative analyses studies: family farms processes of innovation at food production, distribution and consumption, add value and marketing in Argentina, Bolivia and Spain

The project aims to contribute to add value to the innovative food production and distribution strategies generated by family farmers. in order to understand and visualize family farmers and consumers´ practices, as well as their interaction with policy public actors, the project carries out selected case studies in Argentina, Bolivia and Spain. Different activities (comparative study, a seminar ...

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Seed fund 2016 · FTG/RF-15563-RG

Platform for the Development of the Bio-economy in Latin America and the Caribbean

The concept of bioeconomy in the world emerged at the beginning of the 21st century, within the framework of the research policy of the European Commission. On this basis, many countries have developed bioeconomy strategies with the aim of promoting the economic development of the countries, based on the generation and application of knowledge for the sustainable use of natural resources, particul...

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Call for Proposals 2013 · FTG/RF-1330-RG

Integral Use Platform Model, Value Addition and Competitiveness of Andean Commercial Fruits

The volume of world fruit production has grown around 3% annually in the last decade. Colombia is the fifth fruit producer in Latin America, with more than 95 types of fruit marketed. In Colombia more than 85% of agricultural production comes from small producers where women play a very important role. Andean fruit chains have common problems of price instability, high marketing intermediation wit...

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Call for Proposals 2013 · FTG/RF-1329-RG

Production linkages and short circuits: innovations in production and marketing schemes for family farming

The efficient and fair commercialization of family farming products is key to the improvement of this sector, so understanding and evaluating the new marketing strategies used by family farmers is of great importance. The project studied the following marketing strategies: a) Production chains (EP) that seek to link family farming with agroindustrial companies already inserted in the market, in or...

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Call for Proposals 2013 · FTG/RF-1331-RG

Platform to Consolidate Apiculture as a Tool for Development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Beekeeping can be a powerful development tool for small family farmers in Latin America. Lack of technology adapted to tropical and subtropical environments, and poor adaptation to changing context conditions limit the competitiveness of production chains. This is exacerbated by the intensification of agricultural production, deforestation and climate change. On the other hand, awareness of the ro...

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Initiatives in progress

2021 Call - Call for Proposals

Innovation for sustainable and resilient agri-food and territorial development in Latin America and the Caribbean

Status: Open
Call 2020 - Call for Proposals

Innovations for the sustainable increase of agricultural productivity in Latin America and the Caribbean in the context of climate change

Status: Closed
Call 2019 AgTech - Call for Proposals

From Science to Impact: Innovations for Climate-Smart Agriculture Using Agtechs in Latin America and the Caribbean

Status: Closed
Call 2019 Productivity - Call for Proposals

Increase in Productivity in Family Agriculture with Sustainability, Inclusion and Profitability

Status: Closed
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