Launch of the publication of a methodology for linking the scientific and technological heritage of ancestral peoples

Published at: 05 May 2023

At the III meeting of possible territories held at the University of La Plata, Argentina, Agrosavia had different scenarios within the framework of this event. In the first instance, the presentation of emerging processes of female empowerment in the government and agriculture of the Arhuaco people was presented by Alejandra Izquierdo, a fundamental ally of the corporation and Arhuaco representative.
Also, there was a presence at the network emanation table and it was led by the Ph.D Senior researcher Adriana Tofiño and the Master researcher Yanine Rozo who presented the biofortified bean, drought bean and ocañera onion projects. Finally, the international launch of the book Guidelines for a Hybrid Methodology for the Scientific and Technological Linkage of the Ancestral Peoples of Colombia was prepared. 

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Regional alliances for iron-rich beans in Latin American countries
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