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Call for Proposals
USD 200.000
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USD 420.766
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USD 620.766
Participating countries:
Chile Chile Argentina Argentina Honduras Honduras Uruguay Uruguay
Funding source:
FONTAGRO Amount 32% Other agencies 0% Counterpart Amount 68%

Executive Summary

Agricultural systems globally and, especially, in Latin America require increasing crop production (60%) sustainably and considering the possible effects of climate change (CC). This has driven the need for sustainable intensification of agriculture. Farmers must produce more with the same amount of land and use fewer inputs. This transition is possible and necessary for food security. However, it is necessary to develop digital systems with tools and information based on scientific knowledge to facilitate the decision-making of farmers and advisors of the main productive systems. This proposal aims to increase the productivity and sustainability of production systems through a free online platform to support decision-making in agronomic management in the context of CC. A multidisciplinary team of researchers from the Austral University of Chile (Chile), the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), the University of the Republic (Uruguay), and the National University of Agriculture (Honduras) will participate in the proposal. The components that will be executed are i) increase crop adaptation to CC through the use of prediction phenological models to select cultivar and sowing date in the study regions, ii) generate management strategies to reduce both yield gaps as the carbon footprint (kg CO2eq/ton) of farming systems in the study regions, iii) generation of management strategies in response to CC through the application of crop simulation models in the study regions and iv ) transfer and disseminate the results of the project to farmers, advisors and students in the study regions. Farmers, professionals, technicians, and students related to crops in each country will receive training in the use of the platform and its contents, which will be free of charge and will be available on the website of the participating institutions.

Sustainable Development Goals

Zero Hunger Climate action

Main donors

Participating Organizations

  • UACH - Chile
  • Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) - Argentina
  • UdelaR - Uruguay
  • Universidad Nacional de Agricultura (UNAG) - Honduras
  • Federación Uruguaya de Grupos CREA (FUCREA) - Uruguay

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