Vallejos Arnez

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Born in Cochabamba, he has a bachelor´s degree in engenieering with a major in Agronomy from the Faculty of Agricultural, Animal and Veterinary Sciences “Martín Cárdenas” (FCAPV y F) from the Universidad Mayor de San Simón de Cochabamba, in Bolivia in 1988. He earned a master´s degree in production systems from CATIE in Costa Rica at the international level. Likewise, he studied at Universidad de Pelotas in Brasil, earning a specialization in seed technology. He started his professional career in 1989 as a technician in the department of physiology and post-harvest technology as a work base in the experimental station of Tolarapa, where he later started as a researcher in the potato crop. He has worked in technologies transfer in national projects such as PASA and PITAS, introducing producers with marker centers and validating technologies in a participatory fashion. He was the leader of different national and international projects funded by COSUDE, BID, Holanda, Danida, Fontagro, and Euroclima, among others. He taught more than 30 courses related to participatory methods such as "escuelas de campo", CIALs, and methodologies of evaluation of technologies to technicians and farmers. He has guided around eight bachelor's thesis in public and private universities. He counts five scientific publications in indexed journals. Currently, he is a researcher and works closely with Lupinus producers.

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