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Call for Proposals 2012 · FTG/RF-9006-RG

Development of Biologicals for Sustainable Production of Vegetables with Small Farmers for Food Sovereignty in the Andes

The Andean region is characterized by a great diversity of ecosystems with different climatic and geomorphological conditions that have generated great genetic diversity. These ecosystems are being degraded by the excessive use of agrochemicals, creating alterations to the environment and human health. The scarcity of resources of the Andean producers, the high levels of poverty (90 to 95%) and th...

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Call for Proposals 2012 · FTG/RF-9005-RG5

Assessment of Changes in Water Productivity Agaist to Different Climate Scenarios in Different Regions of the Southern Cone

Global warming is generating various negative environmental, economic and social effects in the countries of the world, which will be accentuated in the coming years. Agriculture is one of the economic activities most affected by climate change and also one of the most important in Latin America. In this context, FONTAGRO financed years ago the Cooperative Project "Evaluation of changes in water p...

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Call for Proposals 2012 · FTG/RF-9007-RG

Replacing Insecticides in Potato Cultivation: Improvement in Inter-Institutional Coordination for the Dissemination and Impact Analysis of a New Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in the Andes of Peru

Potato is the main food of the Andean settlers. The Andean weevil (Premnotrypes spp.) and potato moths (Phthorimaea operculella, Symmetrischema tangolias, Tecia solanivora) are the key pests that limit production and harvest quality in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. To contribute to the solution of the problem, CIP and its collaborators within the framework of the project financed by FONTAGRO: CGIAR #...

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Call for Proposals 2010 · FTG/RF-1025-RG

Expanding the Agricultural Frontier of the Potato to Lessen the Effects of Climate Change (CLIPAPA)

The potato plays a key role in global nutrition, due to its high productivity and high nutritional value. One of the effects of climate change and variability is the increase in pests and diseases, which represents a great threat to the sustainability of agriculture and food security. The potato is very sensitive to abiotic stresses causing significant yield reductions and frost can destroy the cr...

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Extraordinary Call 2010 · ATN/OC-12909-RG

Technological Innovations in Integrated Management of Frog Skin in Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)

Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) is a staple in the diet of 17.8 million people worldwide. In addition to constituting an industrial crop with high potential that generates income for small and medium-scale farmers, it contributes to the social development of the regions where it is grown. Cassava is highly adapted to marginal growth conditions, a relevant aspect for farmers who must face unpred...

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Extraordinary Call 2009 · ATN/KP-12193-RG

Maize and Beans Adaptation to Climate Change in Central America and Dominican Republic: A tool for Poverty Alleviation

The project "Adaptation of corn and beans to climate change in Central America and the Dominican Republic" (PRACCA) ", proposed to contribute to the reduction of poverty in the region, through research on the adaptation of corn and beans to climate change. This action linked the bean and corn networks of the Agricultural Technology Integration System (SICTA). In its development, it established fiv...

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Extraordinary Call 2008 · FTG/RF-0822-RG

Mitigate the effect of high temperatures on maize productivity

Maize is one of the main sources of food for a high proportion of the region's population. Climate change will cause increases in temperatures that can negatively affect maize productivity in Latin America. Yield sensitivity to temperature (alone or associated with water or nutrient stress) is generally much higher if stress occurs during the period around flowering (which determines the number of...

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Extraordinary Call 2008 · ATN/OC-11943-RG

Increasing Competitiveness of Potato and Wheat Production Systems in South America to Climate Change

Climate change is generating increases in average temperatures, variations in rainfall and more frequent extreme weather events. Its effects could seriously impact traditional agriculture, particularly small and medium-sized farms that depend on rainfed production. Water stress during flowering, pollination, and grain filling is harmful in wheat, as well as it affects tuberization or tuber filling...

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Call for Proposals 2008 · FTG/RF-0824-RGFTG-8071/08

Development and Evaluation of Lycopersiconspp. Genetic Resources for Use in Genetic Improvement of Solanaceae Against Biotic and Abiotic Stress

Tomato is one of the most popular vegetables worldwide. South America constitutes the main center of origin of the cultivated tomato and of various wild species. Different characteristics have been obtained from wild species that have been transferred to cultivated tomato varieties. However, wild tomato germplasm has generally been little used by countries that constitute their center of origin, i...

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Extraordinary Call 2008 · FTG/RF-0823-RGFTG-8042/08

Evaluation of Changes in Water Productivity, Against Different Climate Scenarios, in Different Regions of the Southern Cone

Agriculture is one of the most important economic activities in Latin America and one of the main water users. New climate scenarios indicate that there will be large variations in water availability, which could result in floods or droughts, and significant economic losses. Irrigation is one of the most relevant practices for adapting agriculture to climate change, but given the resource scarcity...

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Initiatives in progress

2023 Call - Call for Proposals

"Science, technology and innovation to make agriculture and food security more sustainable and resilient to climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean"

Status: Closed
2022 Call - Extraordinary Call

“Innovations to improve the sustainability and resilience of farms to the impact of climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean”

Status: Closed
2021 Call - Call for Proposals

Innovation for sustainable and resilient agri-food and territorial development in Latin America and the Caribbean

Status: Closed
Call 2020 - Call for Proposals

Innovations for the sustainable increase of agricultural productivity in Latin America and the Caribbean in the context of climate change

Status: Closed
Call 2019 AgTech - Call for Proposals

From Science to Impact: Innovations for Climate-Smart Agriculture Using Agtechs in Latin America and the Caribbean

Status: Closed
Call 2019 Productivity - Call for Proposals

Increase in Productivity in Family Agriculture with Sustainability, Inclusion and Profitability

Status: Closed
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