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Call for Proposals 2023 · 1903

Multifunctional Bio-protectors for Postharvest Fruits

 The promotion of healthier lifestyles increases the consumption of fresh products such as tropical and Mediterranean fruits. Its consumption can expose the consumer to a higher risk of diseases since the fruits do not go through processing stages to ensure the effective elimination or inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, postharvest treatments are essential for the conservation ...

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Call for Proposals 2023 · 2441

Sustainable Tropical Dairy Systems to Contribute to Food Security in Colombia and Ecuador

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) advocates for animal-origin products with low carbon emissions, supporting nutrition and rural livelihoods. The project aims to enhance the productivity of tropical dairy systems in an eco-efficient manner, thereby contributing to food security in Cauca, Colombia, and Manabí, Ecuador. The tropical agro-environment fosters diverse productive alternatives...

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Call for Proposals 2022 · ATN/RF-20634-RG

Tropical Agriculture 4.0: Efficient Water Management

Agricultural water use is usually called “inefficient”. Farmers irrigate without technical principles, thereby incurring deficiencies impacting crop health and final yield. In addition, this often results in overuse of the water resource. This scenario and the current climate change effects lead producers and entities responsible for managing water resources to focus efforts on improving water...

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Extraordinary Call 2022 · RG-T4389-ATN/RF-20627-RG

Sustainable livestock farming in the Amazon of Perú and Ecuador

Livestock farming is an essential activity for the livelihoods of farmer families in Peru and Ecuador, generating economic, social and nutritional benefits. In the Amazon region of these countries, both livestock and agriculture have been expanding, resulting in benefits but also environmental problems, especially when extensive systems have been implemented at the expense of deforestation and the...

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Call for Proposals 2021 · ANT-RF-20628-RG

Sustainable management of irrigation and fertilization in quinoa

Adequate water and fertilization management is critical to optimizing yield within limitations of climate and resource availability. Though quinoa is recommended as an efficient crop in terms of water and nitrogen use, an evaluation of responses to these limiting factors at the crop physiology level shows significant gaps between actual yields and those limited by these factors. These gaps expose ...

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Call for Proposals 2021 · ATN/RF-20630-RG

Nanotechnology in agricultural soil moisture management

Soil is the basis of terrestrial ecosystems and agriculture, crucial to nutrient cycling, water storage and infiltration, plant support, and microbial activity. Progressive soil degradation and desertification processes are advancing rapidly in countries of the Andean region, reducing agricultural production and negatively impacting the economy of rural families, leading to hunger and poverty. Add...

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Call for Proposals 2021 · ATN-RF-20633-RG

Climate change-resilient potatoes for the Andean region

This project is a consortium among leading institutions in research, development and innovation in Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia, as well as within the potato production sector in the Andean region. Its main goal is to reduce vulnerability to climate change, incorporating new families and advanced potato clones with early maturity and resilience to drought. Participatory genetic improvement progra...

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Call for Proposals 2020 · ATN/RF-18959-RG

Nanofertilizers in soils and nitrous oxide emissions

Inefficienct nutrient use in fertilization processes has led to soil degradation, nutrient leaching, water pollution, high greenhouse gas emissions, and poor production models. Nano-fertilizers are considered an alternative with great potential. In this project, formulations of nano-fertilizers based on titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and zeolite will be synthesized and characterized. The effect of ...

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Call for Proposals 2020 · ATN-RF-18951-RG

Bioprocess for reducing the solubility of rhizospheric cadmium (Cd)

Successful marketing of Latin American Fine Aroma National cocoa is hampered by high cadmium (Cd) content in the beans. This project will formulate an innovative, highly efficient and climatically intelligent bioprocess to reduce the solubility of Cd in the rhizosphere of cocoa plants with a protocol suitable for transfer to cocoa farms. Activities will be implemented via technical cooperation wi...

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Joint proyects 2020 · ATN/RF-18761-RG

Strengthening capacities for the prevention and management of Fusarium wilt in Latin America and the Caribbean

Musaceae (plantain and banana) are considered one of the most popular fruits in the world and are among the top ten food products. Bananas are an export item of great importance for Latin America and the Caribbean and, therefore, a fundamental pillar of the economy. The cultivation of plantain is also the basis of the daily diet of the population and the generation and diversification of income. A...

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Initiatives in progress

2023 Call - Call for Proposals

"Science, technology and innovation to make agriculture and food security more sustainable and resilient to climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean"

Status: Closed
2022 Call - Extraordinary Call

“Innovations to improve the sustainability and resilience of farms to the impact of climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean”

Status: Closed
2021 Call - Call for Proposals

Innovation for sustainable and resilient agri-food and territorial development in Latin America and the Caribbean

Status: Closed
Call 2020 - Call for Proposals

Innovations for the sustainable increase of agricultural productivity in Latin America and the Caribbean in the context of climate change

Status: Closed
Call 2019 AgTech - Call for Proposals

From Science to Impact: Innovations for Climate-Smart Agriculture Using Agtechs in Latin America and the Caribbean

Status: Closed
Call 2019 Productivity - Call for Proposals

Increase in Productivity in Family Agriculture with Sustainability, Inclusion and Profitability

Status: Closed
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