FONTAGRO and MPI Join Forces to Boost Food Security in Mapuche Communities

Published at: 13 February 2024

FONTAGRO, in collaboration with the Ministry for Primary Industries of New Zealand (MPI), has approved the provision of a non-reimbursable technical cooperation of three hundred thousand US dollars (US$300,000). This funding will be implemented for a project aimed at promoting sustainability and food security in Mapuche indigenous communities in Argentina and Chile. This project, titled "Climate-Smart Livestock Farming in Mapuche Communities of Argentina and Chile," seeks to introduce climate-smart livestock practices in these rural communities through participatory and active strategies.

The specific objectives include the implementation of co-created innovations in five Mapuche communities to optimize production and adapt their systems to climate changes. Furthermore, the goal is to expand this experience to other communities capable of internalizing the generated innovations. The project also aims to consolidate an inclusive innovation ecosystem.

The proposal has been accepted by the FONTAGRO Board of Directors, marking a significant step in promoting sustainability and food security in these indigenous communities. The collaboration between FONTAGRO, the MPI of New Zealand, and the Executing Entity demonstrates a joint commitment to addressing climate challenges and promoting more sustainable agricultural practices in the region.

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