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This brief presents a livelihoods program targeting vulnerable and excluded families living in the rural highlands of Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador.Through extensive field experience, Heifer International has designed The Andean Plateau, Paramo, Camelids and Yarn (PACHA) program to “increase the sustainability of camelid production and improved production and interaction with markets and food security.”1 Working with extremely vulnerable
communities who live in the harsh Andean plateau environments to receive sustainable support, PACHA reflects the Heifer International vision to improve livelihoods while caring for the earth.

Reflecting the organizational commitment to integrate ecosystem management practices with improved livelihoods, PACHA will use field based analysis,community-driven technical interventions and strategic multi-level advocacy, to “increase the economic, environmental and social capital of alpaca and llama breeding families in Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia within a context of climate change.” This is expected to bring transformative sustainable change to these isolated communities and future generations.

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