Annual activity progress meeting

Published at: 20 December 2023

It's always very productive to meet! This time we get together to communicate the latest advances in #edición #genica in #animales and #plantas @procisur @FontagroLAC @INTAVTYRI

In Buenos Aires, on December 6th and 7th 2023, we brought together 24 researchers from Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina to tell us about our progress within the framework of the project and generate exchanges to consolidate the Gene Editing platform in Latin America. We also have the following special lectures:

Embrapa's perspective and advances in gene editing of animals and plants. Dr. Daniela, Bittencourt. EMBRAPA- Brazil.

Initiatives in animal biotechnology. Dr. Daniel, Salamone. FAUBA- Argentina

Gene editing in cattle by electroporation of zygotes. Dr. Luiz Sergio, Camargo. EMBRAPA- Brazil.

Gene editing in domestic animals. Current experience and perspectives. Dr. Nicolás, Mucci. Clonargen Biotech- Argentina

“Livestock Conscience”. Sustainability based on scientific knowledge. Dr. Mauricio Álvarez. Coord. PN Meats and Fibers. INTA-Argentina

With the support of
Fondo Coreano de Alianza para el Conocimiento en Tecnología e Innovación (KPK)