Digitalizing pasture management, dissemination day in Uruguay

Published at: 07 June 2022

A seminar was held in Uruguay to disseminate the preliminary results. The project and the work modality were presented. The technical facilitator of the area tells us about her experience in the implementation of the 3R work modality.

With a total of 37 attendees, including technicians, researchers, students and producers, a project dissemination day was held in Colonia, a town in Uruguay. During the event, the team of researchers and technicians explained the work method and the operation of the web tool that is currently being validated. The producers give their testimonies on the working method. Analia Bonjour, producer of the Colonia group, is quoted below: "In our case, the implementation of the program helped us to consume better quality grass, thus improving production. We made more reserves. Production has improved since we started this system. Decisions were made based on data and discussion. We were quite risky in the generation of reserves; if there was a little bit of grass left over, we closed the paddock for reserves. This helped us a lot, and even more today, when we are entering the winter with little pasture. We are very calm because we have a lot of reserves. In conclusion, he obviously ordered us, but, above all, to eat good quality grass, and that is seen in the production.

To implement the program, the work that has to be done is relatively fast, and the information it gives is very good and very practical. The information that the tool gives, undoubtedly pays for the effort of having to go through the field every fortnight or weekly."

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