Argentina's grazing network carries out a virtual workshop.

Published at: 23 May 2022

The meeting took place in Argentina, a zoom meeting between farmers, facilitators and the organizations that are part of the project. The main idea of this meeting is to generate a space to share experiences.

The virtual meeting was attended by producers and facilitators from the different regions of Argentina that make up the grazing network, as well as technicians from INTA Argentina, CREA and Gentos. On this occasion, the meeting was held so that producers and facilitators from the different regions of Santa Fe Centro, Mar y Sierra, Litoral Sur and Litoral Este could present themselves and share their experiences within the project. A total of 12 people attended. The person in charge of the project made a presentation on the implementation of the tool in real production situations and what it seeks to monitor. In this case, the most important thing in this case is the frequency with which measurements are taken.

The producers see this stage of the project as a positive experience, since they have more information available for decision making and the grazing they do is of higher quality; for some of them this technology has already been installed in their work scheme.

In general, the experience of many of them has been positive, the tool gives them the results quickly, so the decisions regarding grazing or making reserves is faster, today thanks to the tool they can dedicate more time after the tour to analyze the data.

At the end of the meeting they were asked how they see themselves once the validation stage of the tool is finished, and as a final comment of the group Red de pastoreo Argentina, there are several CREA groups that intend to continue monitoring the forage growth rate since many of them have seen a positive impact on the efficiency of the use of resources.

With the support of
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