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Argentina Bolivia Chile Colombia Costa Rica Ecuador España Honduras Nicaragua Panamá Paraguay Perú Uruguay Venezuela

Fuente de Financiamiento: fontagro
Monto Solicitado (US$): 250000
Monto de Contrapartida (US$): 1816500
Monto total (US$):
Plazo de Ejecución (meses): 22
Organismo Ejecutor
1. Fondo Regional de Tecnología Agropecuaria (FONTAGRO) - Washington, DC, United States
Organismos Co-ejecutores
Antecedentes y Justificación

This project is part of the Regional Fund for Agricultural Technology (FONTAGRO) contribution to the GEF financed program “Climate technology transfer mechanisms and networks in Latin America and the Caribbean” (RG-T2384). Within this context, FONTAGRO already approved four operations financing EST related research and application (RG-X1231; RG-X1233; RG-X1234; RG-X1235). In addition to these four operations, FONTAGRO also committed itself to promote network building and strengthening; knowledge dissemination, and pilot EST technology transfer. To that effect, this operation, seeks to contribute to these FONTAGRO specific output and outcome indicators. Grant resources from the GEF Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF) will also be used in combination with resources from FONTAGRO to promote and finance collaborative initiatives on EST development and transfer.
The GEF and FONTAGRO financed program strategy is to build national capacities to identify, assess, develop and transfer EST, focusing on: (a) the promotion of and support to regional collaborative efforts; (b) the support to planning and policy-making processes at national and sectoral levels; (c) the demonstration of policies and enabling mechanisms; and (d) the mobilization of private and public financial and human resources.

Fin del proyecto

The general objective of this project is to strength regional networks on climate technologies for the agricultural sector in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) by promoting transfer mechanism of Environmentally Sound Technologies (EST). This goal will contribute to a reduction in the vulnerability to climate change in the agricultural sector in LAC. The specific objective is to increase the regional and local environmental benefits derived from the promotion and application of EST through technical assistance in the agricultural sector, which represents a priority area for climate change mitigation and adaptation.


In order to achieve the above-mentioned objectives, this project will support the implementation of some of the agricultural sector activities as described in components 2 and 3 of the approved GEF program (RG-T2384). To ensure consistency between the components and related output and outcome indicators of the GEF program, the description of activities financed by this FONTAGRO operation will follow the structure of said program. This will also facilitate reporting within the GEF program.


Component 2. Strengthen technology networks and centers. This component will support the creation and strengthening of regional EST networks on agriculture. Activities under this component will aim at (a) identifying and prioritizing opportunities for the adoption of EST in the agricultural sector in LAC, and (b) promoting regional partnerships and collaboration through, inter alia, the identification of relevant expertise in the region and selected outreach and dissemination activities. Strong emphasis will be placed in linking and contributing to existing regional networking initiatives, with a view also to ensuring the continuation of the networks’ activities beyond project closure. Activities to be financed by this operation include: (a) outreach and network building; (b) mapping of regional expertise; and (c) elaboration of agricultural overviews of EST in LAC;

Component 3. Pilot technology transfer mechanisms. This component aims at creating enabling environments for the development and transfer of EST in the agricultural sector. The activities under this component will identify, assess and showcase specific examples of technology transfer mechanisms and policies (e.g. regulations, standards, financial mechanisms, joint research and development, etc.) in agriculture. The activity to be financed by this FONTAGRO operation consists of the elaboration of case studies on EST development and transfer for the agricultural sector. The outputs will serve to exemplify the type of analytical tools employed by the project to disseminate information on EST and the GEF supported project, and to motivate the participation of stakeholders. During the second and third year of the project, FONTAGRO will invite and respond to requests for technical assistance from countries in LAC to assess and pilot EST transfer mechanisms. Details on the execution of these activities will be included in annual work plans that form part of the GEF program.

Posibles Riesgos

The project doesn’t include any activity that may generate negative environmental and/or social impacts. On the contrary, it is expected that the outputs would lead to
positive environmental impacts. Following the Safeguard Policy Filter Report and Safeguard Classification Form, the project has been classified under category "C".

Alineamiento al PMP de Fontagro

Alignment with Bank’s priorities in the region. The project contributes to the objectives under the Ninth General Increase in the Resources of the Bank (GCI-9) (AB-2764), which require that the Bank promotes sustainable growth in LAC, including the promotion of global environmental sustainability. The objectives identify the protection of the environment, the response to climate change, and the promotion of sustainable energy and food security as priorities for the IDB.

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