Knowledge Management
USD 45.000
Counterpart Amount:
USD 60.000
Other agencies
USD 100.000
Total Amount:
USD 205.000
Participating countries:
United States United States South Korea South Korea
Funding source:
FONTAGRO Amount 22% Other agencies 49% Counterpart Amount 29%

Executive Summary

Knowledge and communication management is a systematic process for exchanging information, data, and other skills among partners. In FONTAGRO, this challenge is especially important when implementing projects in science and technology for the food and agricultural sector. The aim of this project was to strengthen the dissemination of results among researchers, extensionists, farmers, policy decision-makers, and other stakeholders in the agri-food value chain, as well as improve people's abilities to successfully share the results of their work, considering the new digital environment for agriculture 4.0.

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Note: Funds are detailed in this project, but this is a matching fund project related to ATN/RF-16248-RG.


FONTAGRO managed to strengthen its digital internet platform bringing new capabilities that helped automatize and standardize knowledge management procedures and products. These new digital procedures increased the capture of new data and information about research results and promising technologies for the food and agricultural sector in Latin American and the Caribbean countries. Additionally, a panel of experts worked on a new communication strategy that promoted the visibility of FONTAGRO in social media. This project facilitated the production of several new digital knowledge products, more recognized by the digital audience.


  • 150 researchers and FONTAGRO project leaders.
  • Journalists and other media professionals within the agricultural community in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Farmers and other FONTAGRO stakeholders.

Sustainable Development Goals

No poverty Zero Hunger Good health and well-being Climate action Partnerships for the goals

Main donors

Participating Organizations

  • Fondo Coreano de Alianza para el Conocimiento en Tecnología e Innovación (KPK) - Corea del Sur

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FONTAGRO Amount Other agencies Counterpart Amount

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With the support of
Fondo Coreano de Alianza para el Conocimiento en Tecnología e Innovación (KPK)