Seed fund
USD 30.000
Counterpart Amount:
USD 15.000
Execution time
12 Months
Total Amount:
USD 45.000
Participating countries:
Argentina Argentina Costa Rica Costa Rica Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Uruguay Uruguay
Funding source:
FONTAGRO Amount 67% Other agencies 0% Counterpart Amount 33%

Executive Summary

Internet-Communication-Technologies (ICTs) at the agricultural level have had exponential progress in recent years. At the agricultural production level, they are increasingly being used for batch mapping, determination of green index and biomass, determination of yields at the “micro-parcel” level, guaranteeing grain traceability and knowing aspects related to climate through weather stations. In terms of the applied technology for beekeeping, Argentina and Uruguay have a strong tradition, through artificial hives destined for international markets. Meanwhile, in Central American countries production is generally done in a rudimentary way, using tree trunks and / or less standardized materials. This and other environmental factors lead to uneven productivity: 10 kg average per hive in the traditional systems of Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic and 30 kg on average in Argentina and Uruguay.

The purpose of this seed fund is to make a proposal for the implementation of ICTs for the beekeeping sector, given that there is a potential for their implementation in order to improve competitiveness. It is expected that highly competitive honey production and export agribusiness systems can be developed, based on satisfying demand requirements, reducing costs and improving hive productivity.

The technological solution

Promote the diffusion and adoption of ICTs in beekeeping, in order to increase the productivity of family farmers through improvement in the decision-making process.


Scientists from participating countries

Sustainable Development Goals

Responsible consumption and production Partnerships for the goals

Main donors

Participating Organizations

  • Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria (INTA) - Argentina
  • Instituto Dominicano de Investigaciones Agropecuarias y Forestales (IDIAF) - República Dominicana
  • Instituto Nacional de Innovación y Transferencia en Tecnología Agropecuaria (INTA) - Costa Rica
  • MGAP - Uruguay
  • Programa Cooperativo para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Agroalimentario y Agroindustrial del Cono Sur (PROCISUR) - Uruguay

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Financing by country (in USD)
FONTAGRO Amount Other agencies Counterpart Amount

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Project leader Argentina

Karina Casellas


Rolando Daniel Lema


Hernán Palau

With the support of
Fondo Coreano de Alianza para el Conocimiento en Tecnología e Innovación (KPK)