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Executive Summary

Since 2020, FONTAGRO has set a milestone in promoting sustainable agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean, highlighted by its co-sponsorship of the International Congress AGROTECH 2019 and the webinar series on Agrodigitalization. These activities, along with strategic agreements with entities such as FAO and the government of New Zealand, have significantly expanded its global visibility, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and sustainable development in the agricultural sector.

The four initiatives financed by FONTAGRO exemplify the impact of technology on agricultural efficiency and productivity, highlighting projects like the Hub SmartFruit ALC and the development of tools such as the Irrigation Advisory System and the °AHoRa application. These innovations underscore the importance of adapting agriculture to a more resilient and sustainable future, through the implementation of advanced technologies and innovative management practices.

The FONTAGRO EN RED virtual platform facilitates international collaboration and the joint development of technological solutions for the agriculture of the future, eliminating geographical barriers and promoting the financing of innovative projects. This tool has managed to bring together an active community of researchers, entrepreneurs, and co-financing agencies, with 17 active proposals aiming to transform the region's agri-food systems.

The AgTech 2019 call by FONTAGRO, aimed at boosting climate-smart agriculture, reflects an effort to promote solutions that integrate sustainability, efficiency, and productivity in family farming. The evaluation of proposals focused on technical and commercial viability, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals and FONTAGRO's Master Plan, seeking to foster technological development and collaboration in the region.

The evaluation process for the call highlighted the importance of innovation in the agricultural sector, suggesting strategies to enhance the scaling potential of initiatives and strengthen technological development. The initial selection of 18 profiles for project presentation, and the subsequent recommendation for funding six of them, demonstrates FONTAGRO's commitment to promoting agricultural innovation and sustainability.

Finally, FONTAGRO continues to establish itself as a key platform for fostering research and innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean, by financing projects that aim to transform agriculture into more commercial, sustainable, and inclusive practices. Adapting to future challenges and promoting strategic alliances underscore its role as a driver of sustainable development and food security in the region, reaffirming its leadership in promoting a more resilient and productive agriculture.

The technological solution

FONTAGRO implemented a series of strategic components to promote innovation and sustainable development in the agricultural sector of Latin America and the Caribbean. From fostering entrepreneurial and innovative spaces, with events like the International AGROTECH Congress and webinar series on agro-digitalization, to supporting the development of promising technologies that enhance the productivity and sustainability of family farming. The 2019 AgTech call was notable for its focus on climate-smart agriculture, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals and FONTAGRO's Medium-Term Plan. Additionally, the institutional framework was strengthened with the 2020-2025 Medium-Term Plan, focused on transforming agri-food systems for greater inclusion and sustainability. Through these initiatives, FONTAGRO strengthens its partnerships and expands its influence, consolidating itself as a key player in enhancing agriculture in the region.


FONTAGRO has made significant strides in promoting technological innovation in agriculture through workshops, conferences, and webinars, gathering experts from across Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2019, FONTAGRO co-sponsored the International AGROTECH Congress in Honduras, focusing on technological implementation in agriculture and generating new AgTech proposals. In 2021, in partnership with IICA, FONTAGRO launched a webinar series covering topics from agro-digitalization to water management and climate change, reaching over 400 viewers and significantly expanding its online presence. Successful cases of technological innovation, such as the Irrigation Advisory System and the °AHoRa app for musaceous producers, have been documented, highlighting the positive impact of these technologies on family agriculture. Additionally, the virtual platform FONTAGRO EN RED was created to facilitate international articulation and collaboration in developing advanced technological solutions, reflecting a sustained effort to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region's agricultural sector.

FONTAGRO presented the 2019 AgTech call "From Science to Impact: Innovations for Climate-Smart Agriculture". This contest, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2015-2020 Medium-Term Plan, focused on driving AgTech solutions that improve productivity, efficiency, and sustainability of family agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean. The call attracted 64 profiles, of which 18 were shortlisted for meeting rigorous validation criteria and scalability potential. Through a meticulous evaluation process, six proposals were recommended for funding, noted for their feasibility and potential for agricultural transformation. Additionally, FONTAGRO funded four pilot projects, investing in technologies that promote efficient irrigation practices, decision-making tools for musaceous producers, collaborative platforms in the fruit sector, and accessible digital agriculture solutions for small farmers, showing a strong commitment to innovation and sustainability in regional agriculture. The "Irrigation Advisory System (SAR)" project has significantly improved irrigation management, optimizing crop productivity through advanced technologies. Simultaneously, the "°AHoRa" app for musaceous producers has facilitated agronomic decision-making, integrating climate data to improve crop yield. The "HUB-SMARTFRUIT" project has created a collaboration platform, articulating key actors in the fruit value chain and developing tools like OpenFruit, which promote precision agriculture and climate resilience. Moreover, the "Digitization of Small-Scale Agriculture" has democratized access to digital agriculture technologies, offering economical solutions for soil moisture measurement, which is essential for irrigation decision-making. These projects have demonstrated the potential of technological platforms to enhance productivity and sustainability, ensuring equitable advancement in the agricultural sector.

The Terms of Reference for the III Contest of Successful Cases of FONTAGRO, focused on "Agriculture and Nutrition," were successfully drafted and approved by FONTAGRO's Board of Directors. This contest aimed to identify and document innovative experiences in family agriculture that improve the availability and nutritional quality of food, with the hope that these practices can be replicated in other regions to promote a positive impact on sustainable agriculture. Key areas such as genetic improvement and the diversification of production systems were highlighted, and the contest was funded with contributions from FONTAGRO and HarvestPlus. Three categories of participation were established, each with significant prizes to stimulate participation and recognition of best practices. Additionally, the top ten cases were selected for publication and promotion through FONTAGRO's website and social media, thus expanding its impact and visibility. The winners were: Case 1: Sowing Nutritional and Agroecological Diversity in the Colombian Páramo. Case 2: A Nutritious Food Basket. Biofortification to tackle hidden hunger in Panama. Case 3: Biofort Platform: the nutritious route to the table of Guatemalans, Case 4: BRS Amélia, a sweet potato against malnutrition in southern Brazil.

In constant optimization of internal functioning, FONTAGRO implemented a survey, diagnosis, and evaluation of its internal processes, aimed at continuous improvement and increasing efficiency in institutional, administrative, financial, operational, and technical management. FONTAGRO established its 2020-2025 Medium-Term Plan (MTP), responding to the challenging scenario of the global agri-food sector. With the participation of researchers, sponsors, and other strategic partners, a mission focused on transforming agri-food systems to be more inclusive and sustainable was established. It will focus on three strategies: farm, territory, and food, nutrition, and health. The objectives included increasing the resilience and sustainability of farms, promoting technologies with an impact on production systems, and fostering innovations in food security and nutrition. Through this effort, adjustments were made to the Constitutive Agreement and the Operations Manual, in order to improve the operational efficiency of the organization. Additionally, new manuals and terms of reference that reflect updated internal needs and procedures were created, contributing to a more effective framework for strengthening the financing of operations. These measures have facilitated better articulation with the institutions implementing the projects and have enhanced FONTAGRO's institutional capacity to face future challenges.

Since 2020, FONTAGRO has implemented a series of strategic activities aimed at increasing its global visibility, including participation in international events and the development of a robust communication strategy through its website and project platform. These actions have enabled FONTAGRO to strengthen its image as a forum for discussing agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean. In turn, the signing of strategic agreements with renowned organizations such as FAO, the International Bioversity - CIAT Alliance, and the government of New Zealand has enhanced its capacity to drive innovation and research in the agri-food sector. These partnerships and activities have been crucial in consolidating FONTAGRO's role as a key player in the sustainable development of the agricultural sector in the region.

During the X Extraordinary Meeting of FONTAGRO's Board of Directors, the decision was made to launch the 2019 productivity call under the motto "Increasing productivity in family agriculture with sustainability, inclusion, and profitability". This call, implemented virtually, sought to identify and fund projects that presented technological, organizational, and institutional innovations to improve productivity in family agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), aligning with FONTAGRO's 2015-2020 Master Plan and the Sustainable Development Goals. The projects had to demonstrate not only an increase in agricultural productivity but also the capacity to influence local or national policies and address challenges such as climate change and sustainable resource management. Of the 86 project profiles received, 24 were shortlisted and 20 of them advanced to the final stage, where they were evaluated based on their economic and social impact, technical quality, and contribution to sustainable development. The proposals received scores ranging from 54.83 to 85.58. Based on the scores assigned to the proposals, 4 were recommended, 7 recommended with adjustments, and 9 were not recommended.


The beneficiaries of FONTAGRO's projects are primarily small and medium-sized agricultural producers in Latin America and the Caribbean, who directly benefit from the implemented technological, organizational, and institutional innovations. These initiatives aimed to improve productivity, efficiency, and sustainability of family farming, while addressing key challenges such as climate change and sustainable natural resource management. Additionally, researchers from the institutes and research centers of the countries that make up FONTAGRO are also beneficiaries. Together, these actions by FONTAGRO significantly contribute to strengthening the regional agricultural sector, ensuring a positive impact on the lives of over 20,500 farmers and their communities.

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