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Call for Proposals 2015 · FTG/RF-15462-RG

Technological Innovations to Build Resilient Livelihoods in the Dry Corridor Peasant Families

Lately, the Central American region has been affected by the consequences of global warming, with the greatest impact manifesting in the dry corridor of Nicaragua and Honduras where cyclical droughts and rain patterns with characteristics very similar to the El Niño phenomenon occur. These climatic conditions have affected levels of productivity and environmental and social sustainability of a po...

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Call for Proposals 2014 · FTG/RF-14892-RG

Community Micro Processing, Social Construction of Cocoa Quality from Biodiversity and Local Culture in Highly Vulnerable to Extreme Weather Events Regions

This project was developed with the purpose of strengthening the livelihoods of families dedicated to the production of cocoa in the Costa Rica-Panama bi-national basin of the Sixaola River, and with the goal of reducing the vulnerability of these producers and families to extreme hydrometereological events. The co-executing organizations (APPTA and COCABO) represent about 3000 producers, who gain...

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Call for Proposals 2014 · FTG/RF-14893-RG

Promote the Resilience of Production Systems to Reduce the Vulnerability of Small Farmers Families through the Revaluation of the Genus Lupinus Neglected Crops

The high Andes of Bolivia and Ecuador, and the Araucania in Southern Chile are highly vulnerable to climate change, show high poverty incidence, and have few economic opportunities. Legumes of the genus Lupinus show high adaptation capacity to adverse weather and soil conditions. In Bolivia and Ecuador the bitter Lupinus (Lupinus mutabilis) prevail, while in Chile, both bitter and sweet (L. albus,...

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Call for Proposals 2013 · FTG/RF-1329-RG

Production linkages and short circuits: innovations in production and marketing schemes for family farming

The efficient and fair commercialization of family farming products is key to the improvement of this sector, so understanding and evaluating the new marketing strategies used by family farmers is of great importance. The project studied the following marketing strategies: a) Production chains (EP) that seek to link family farming with agroindustrial companies already inserted in the market, in or...

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Call for Proposals 2007 · CGIAR#7010

Improving the Life Quality of Rural Communities in Four Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, through Technological Innovations in Production, Agro-Processing and Marketing of Plantain

The Project, a consortium led by Bioversity International (Costa Rica) with direct participation of banana producing countries in the region considered four components. They are listed below, including highlights of the main products and results:Improving the productivity of banana farms through a number of technological innovations: Selection, evaluation and dissemination of superior and elite pl...

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Call for Proposals 2005 · FTG/RF-0513-RG

Technological innovations and new markets for native potato producers

The project has acted as a convener to bring together different actors interested in the rescue, promotion and incorporation of native Andean potatoes for new uses and markets. It was executed in a consortium by PROINPA (Bolivia); CORPOICA (Colombia); the National Roots Program and INIAP (Ecuador); INIA and Practical Solutions (ITDG) (Peru); and INIA (Venezuela). The objective was to improve the q...

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Call for Proposals 2003 · FTG/RF-0309-RG

Development of an Integrated Pest Management in Citrus Fruits of Peru and Chile for Compliance with the International Regulations of Good Agricultural Practices

There is a worldwide concern about environmental polution and food health, which has led markets to increase restrictions regarding pesticide registration and tolerance of residues in fruits. This forces the producer to adopt environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies, such as Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which requires knowing the biology and behavior of pests and their natural en...

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Call for Proposals 2003 · FTG/RF-0306-RG

Technological Development for the Strengthening of Postharvest Management of Exportable Exotic Fruit Trees of interest for the Andean Countries: Uchuva (Physalis peruviana L.), Granadilla (Passiflora Ligularis L.) and Tree Tomato (Cyphomandra Betacea (Ca

Colombia and Ecuador are Andean countries with similar agro-ecological and cultural characteristics, which allows the same species to be cultivated and in many cases share the same economic and social importance. This is the case of the cape gooseberry (Physalis peruviana L.), the tree tomato (Cyphomandra Betacea (Cav) Sendt) and the passion fruit (Passiflora Ligularis L.), which present a potenti...

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Call for Proposals 2001 · FTG/FT-03-01-RG24/01

Nondestructive Methods and Molecular Markers for Determining Appropriate Harvest Dates of Five Varieties of Avocado (Persea Americana Mill)

The avocado represents an item of high strategic value in the agricultural development initiatives of the Dominican Republic. This is due to the commercialization potential of the fruit in the markets of the United States, and the comparative advantages that the country presents in terms of geographical location in relation to other producing countries. In regional terms, the country could join Ch...

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Call for Proposals 2001 · FTG/FT-03-01-RG21/01

Technological Development for Guava Postharvest Management in Colombia and Venezuela

The guava is a species of tropical origin that develops in various agroecosystems of the Colombian-Venezuelan Andes from sea level to 1,800 meters above sea level. Currently, a large proportion of the fruit is produced wild in silvo-pastoral systems, through the work of small producers who contribute more than 80% of the family workforce where women play a leading role. In Colombia and Venezuela t...

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Initiatives in progress

2023 Call - Call for Proposals

"Science, technology and innovation to make agriculture and food security more sustainable and resilient to climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean"

Status: Closed
2022 Call - Extraordinary Call

“Innovations to improve the sustainability and resilience of farms to the impact of climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean”

Status: Closed
2021 Call - Call for Proposals

Innovation for sustainable and resilient agri-food and territorial development in Latin America and the Caribbean

Status: Closed
Call 2020 - Call for Proposals

Innovations for the sustainable increase of agricultural productivity in Latin America and the Caribbean in the context of climate change

Status: Closed
Call 2019 AgTech - Call for Proposals

From Science to Impact: Innovations for Climate-Smart Agriculture Using Agtechs in Latin America and the Caribbean

Status: Closed
Call 2019 Productivity - Call for Proposals

Increase in Productivity in Family Agriculture with Sustainability, Inclusion and Profitability

Status: Closed
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