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Call for Proposals 2022 · ID1732MonitoreoMetano

Satellite tool to strengthen capacities for monitoring, reporting and verification of methane emissions in Latin American ecosystems.

Given the importance of quantifying methane (CH4) emissions from rice paddies in national inventories and the increasing investment in mitigation technologies, there is significant value in developing verification technologies that can be applied at regional or national scales. It is currently possible to monitor CH4 content using satellite sensors. An example of such a sensor is the Sentinel-5 P...

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Seed fund 2017 · ATN/RF-16338-RG-T3115-P001

Use of legumes in livestock systems

Countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay are large producers and exporters of meat, primarily relying on direct grazing of natural fields and planted pastures with a total of almost 300 million head of cattle. The majority of land dedicated to this low-productivity pastoral livestock is found in marginal areas for agriculture, characterized by severe limitations in fertilit...

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Call for Proposals 2015 · FTG/RF-15459-RG

Biointensive Cultive for Rural Families in the Dry Corridor

The Central American Dry Corridor is one of most vulnerable regions to the effects of climate change worldwide, which has already meant longer dry periods that intensify when the El Niño phenomenon is present, reducing rainfall by between 40% and 60%, as has happened during 2014 and 2015. All this translates into high levels of food insecurity in rural areas caused by insufficient and unstable fo...

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Call for Proposals 2014 · FTG/RF-14892-RG

Community Micro Processing, Social Construction of Cocoa Quality from Biodiversity and Local Culture in Highly Vulnerable to Extreme Weather Events Regions

This project was developed with the purpose of strengthening the livelihoods of families dedicated to the production of cocoa in the Costa Rica-Panama bi-national basin of the Sixaola River, and with the goal of reducing the vulnerability of these producers and families to extreme hydrometereological events. The co-executing organizations (APPTA and COCABO) represent about 3000 producers, who gain...

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Extraordinary Call 2014 · ATN/CX-14837-RG#122

Strengthening Water Resources Management of Banana Communities: Greater Resilience to Climate Variability.

Agriculture uses about 70% of available water, which can generate conflicts with other users if availability is limited and seasonal. The consortium formed by UNAN-León Nicaragua, IDIAF of the Dominican Republic, banana and coffee producers, Bioversity International, the CGIAR Humidtropics Program and the French consultancy Lisode (Lien Social et Décision), convened farmers and other actors into...

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Call for Proposals 2014 · FTG/RF-14893-RG

Promote the Resilience of Production Systems to Reduce the Vulnerability of Small Farmers Families through the Revaluation of the Genus Lupinus Neglected Crops

The high Andes of Bolivia and Ecuador, and the Araucania in Southern Chile are highly vulnerable to climate change, show high poverty incidence, and have few economic opportunities. Legumes of the genus Lupinus show high adaptation capacity to adverse weather and soil conditions. In Bolivia and Ecuador the bitter Lupinus (Lupinus mutabilis) prevail, while in Chile, both bitter and sweet (L. albus,...

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Extraordinary Call 2014 · ATN/CX-14837-RG#79

Grow More with Less: Adaptation, Validation and Promotion of Intensive Rice Farming System (SICA) in the Americas as a Response to Climate Change

Rice is a staple food in LAC where per capita consumption is 30 kg / year and demand exceeds production. The yields, costs and profitability depend on agro-climatic and technological factors, innovation in the crop is a must. The SRI project, executed by IICA in the Dominican Republic and Colombia, analyzed the productive efficiency, use of resources and the impact of SRI on GHG emissions. The pro...

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Call for Proposals 2014 · FTG/RF-14894-RG

Strategies Review for Management Coffee Berry Borer (HYPOTHENEMUS hampei) to Cope Climate Changes in Production Systems of Inshore Coffee (Coffea canephora) in Panama, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Pests affect the yields and quality of coffee, the Coffea canephora species -known as Robusta or lowland coffee- is no an exception. Coffee Berry Borer (Hypothenemus hampei), a significant pest, is favored by variations in precipitation and temperature and poor agronomic management. In Panama, with a cultivated area of ​​19,000 hectares of both Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora, the borer w...

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Extraordinary Call 2014 · ATN/CX-14837-RG#80

Innovation Platform to Improve Technology Adoption of Climate-Smart Agriculture by Farmers: Pilot in Honduras and Colombia

The project was implemented in Popayán, Colombia and in the Dry Corridor of Honduras with networks made up of NGOs, CIAT and farmers working together on improving adaptation to climate change. Practices and facilitation tools were tested, such as working with focus groups, simulation of the effect of innovations on food security, resilience and GHG emissions, and on-farm testing of technologies. ...

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Call for Proposals 2013 · FTG/RF-1331-RG

Platform to Consolidate Apiculture as a Tool for Development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Beekeeping can be a powerful development tool for small family farmers in Latin America. Lack of technology adapted to tropical and subtropical environments, and poor adaptation to changing context conditions limit the competitiveness of production chains. This is exacerbated by the intensification of agricultural production, deforestation and climate change. On the other hand, awareness of the ro...

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2023 Call - Call for Proposals

"Science, technology and innovation to make agriculture and food security more sustainable and resilient to climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean"

Status: Closed
2022 Call - Extraordinary Call

“Innovations to improve the sustainability and resilience of farms to the impact of climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean”

Status: Closed
2021 Call - Call for Proposals

Innovation for sustainable and resilient agri-food and territorial development in Latin America and the Caribbean

Status: Closed
Call 2020 - Call for Proposals

Innovations for the sustainable increase of agricultural productivity in Latin America and the Caribbean in the context of climate change

Status: Closed
Call 2019 AgTech - Call for Proposals

From Science to Impact: Innovations for Climate-Smart Agriculture Using Agtechs in Latin America and the Caribbean

Status: Closed
Call 2019 Productivity - Call for Proposals

Increase in Productivity in Family Agriculture with Sustainability, Inclusion and Profitability

Status: Closed
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