FONTAGRO supports FEGASACRUZ based on an agreement to enhance the Santa Cruz Chaco region, Bolivia

Published at: 11 April 2023

With the management of Fegasacruz, a project to increase productivity in the South American Chaco began to be executed through the financing of the IDB-Fontagro, coordinated by INTA and the livestock institution as co-executor

Through the management of the Federation of Cattlemen of Santa Cruz (FEGASACRUZ), the project to Increase Productivity in the South American Chaco began to be executed through the financing of the IDB-FONTAGRO and coordinated by INTA and as Co-Executor of the project the institution livestock.

The countries that participate as beneficiaries of this project are Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia.

Among the activities contemplated in component 1 of the project is the identification of 15 pilot farms in the municipalities of Cabezas, Charagua, Gutiérrez, Camiri, Boyuibe and Cuevo. Technicians who will be trained by the project with the support of INTA-Argentina experts will also be identified.

Precisely, this Wednesday an act was held in Boyuibe in which the vice president of FEGASACRUZ, Alejandro Hurtado, the director of the Chaco subregion, Severo Hoyos, the president of the Boyuibe Cattlemen's Association (Agasboy), Armando Quiroga and representatives of different livestock associations. José Manuel Virieux, project consultant, and FEGASACRUZ eco-regional coordinator, Johnny Hurtado, were also present.

In this regard, Hurtado affirmed that the parent institution is doing everything possible to support this type of initiative that will promote the growth and improvement of the cattle herd in this region, for which it will continue to support the ranchers of the Chaco cruceño so that they have better days. in 2023.

On his side, Virieux said that the pilot project will benefit the entire Chaco region of Santa Cruz and that better days are ahead for producers.

The project is focused on the following activities:

Characterize livestock systems and relieve technological alternatives.
Establish pilot sites in producer fields.
Implement a training and support program for livestock producers, extension agents and private advisors.
Implement a virtual training course for innovation in livestock.
Implement a property registration and indicator monitoring system 

With the support of
Fondo Coreano de Alianza para el Conocimiento en Tecnología e Innovación (KPK)