Project team meeting

Published at: 22 March 2023

Through the use of virtual platforms, the Colombia-Ecuador team holds working meetings to strengthen academic relations and meet the project's objectives.

On March 15, 2023, through a virtual meeting, a working meeting was held between the team of researchers from Colombia and Ecuador.

On behalf of the Ecuadorian team, researchers Ezequiel Zamora Ledezma and Henri Pacheco Gil from the Technical University of Manabí (UTM) were connected. The Colombian team was represented by researchers Mónica Botero Londoño and Julian Botero Londoño, as well as consultants Clara Rojas Rincon and Maylen Otero Vega from the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS).

At this meeting, the progress of the project was socialized, the importance of the results obtained, and dissemination strategies were discussed. Likewise, the scenarios and steps to be followed to complete the following phases of the project were discussed, according to the proposed schedule.

Based on the results obtained at UIS Colombia, it was preliminarily evidenced that the formulations and doses of nanofertilizers are increasing the biomass under controlled conditions, and a greater carbon sequestration has also been observed. Similar tests and trials are now being planned in Ecuador to validate and compare the efficiency of nanofertilizers.

Through these meetings, teamwork is strengthened and new ways of carrying out activities in search of the best results are discovered.

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