Producers and INTA technicians agree to increase bovine productivity

Published at: 11 June 2022

Ursula Ingrid Wolf Celoné, explained the main advantages and limits of megatermic pastures and considerations to take into account for the correct selection of species

Within the framework of a series of training sessions planned and related to the FONTAGRO international project "Increasing bovine productivity in the South American Chaco", which is carried out linked to small cattle ranchers from various sites in Santiago del Estero province (Department of Moreno), from neighboring provinces (Salta, Formosa, Tucumán) and bordering countries that make up the South American Chaco (Paraguay and Bolivia), in Lote 6 Los Juries a meeting between technicians and producers took place.

It was last Thursday the 17th and was in charge of Ing. Agr. (Mg.) Ursula Ingrid Wolf Celoné, who provided concepts on the main advantages and limitations of megathermal pastures and necessary considerations to take into account for the correct selection of species according to the environment that allows a successful implementation and forage production.

Concepts on the correct implementation and management of the resource during the first year and subsequent years were exposed. Aspects of forage productivity, grazing management, alternatives for the preparation of reserves and nutritional quality of the forage were also raised, with the recommendations of adequate uses according to animal category.

Organized by AER INTA Bandera, coordinated by Ing. Agr. Raul Willi and with the accompaniment of Tec. Hugo Mansilla (SAFCI), the training was carried out successfully, with the presence of the majority of the producers of the "Unión y Amistad Norte" Group, in the house of Mr. Ledesma in the Lote 6, rural area of Los Juries, Department of Taboada, Santiago del Estero.

The producers were very interested in the subject, asking questions and commenting on their experiences, in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. An exchange of knowledge was carried out and concerns were resolved, remaining available for future meetings and training, as well as for the accompaniment in the installation of the pilot site for experimentation, planned within the framework of the FONTAGRO project for this group of producers.

INTA technicians agree to increase bovine productivity

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