Delivery of the candidacy project for the degree of Doctor of the University of Buenos Aires

Published at: 11 December 2020

In November, the Lic. In Environmental Sciences Mercedes Busto presented the candidacy project for the PhD degree of the University of Buenos Aires in Agricultural Sciences at the Alberto Soriano Graduate School (FAUBA).

One of the axes of this project, which involves eight countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, is the training of suitable professionals on the subject. In this sense, the postgraduate work of Lic. Busto joins that carried out by other engineers and graduates, both from Argentina and from the other participating countries.

The candidacy project of Lic. Busto, entitled Nitrogen balance and mitigation of nitrous oxide emissions from rhizobia, in mixed pastures with L. tenuis on hydro-halomorphic soils of the Depressed Pampa, has the general objective of evaluating the effect of the incorporation of L. tenuis to grasslands of the Depressed Pampa on the biological fixation of nitrogen, the volatilization of ammonia, the balance of soil nitrogen and the mitigation potential of greenhouse gases, in soils under different situations of hydro-halomorphism.

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