María Florencia


Graduate in Social Communication, Cordoba National University, Argentina. Master is Social Studie, geography oriented, with the thesis: “The Small Agriculture in Salta Province: Persistences and Singularities in the beginning of the XXI century”Tucuman National University, Argentina. Superior technician in the analysis and intervention of grupal, institutional and community fields. “Young people and peasants identity: experience in Maimarà Alternancia School, Jujuy '' Social Psychology Dr Enrique Pichon Rivieère School, Argentina. Diploma in Technology Design for the inclusive sustainable development, Quilmes National University, Argentina

She received the 2º prize in the INTA Innovation Institution in the 2016 INNOVAGRO Prize with the innovative process “ Public Inclusive Policies for meat producers in the Puna Jujeña”

She is a researcher in the Family Farmers Technology Investigation and Development  Institute in the northeast Argentinian area situated in Posta de Hornilllos, Jujuy

Since 2009, she works in the socio-economy area in this Institute using research tools with an interdisciplinary approach. She makes a contribution to the characterization of NOA Family Farmers social, economic and commercial productions ( sheep, llama and goat meat, cheese and quinoa)

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