Bulla Caro

Electronics solar energy charging systems automation mechatronics pneumatics oleohydraulics mechanics soil sensors agroclimatic sensors mechanical design IOT telecommunications robotics


Brian Caro is director of the innovation unit at VISUALITI SAS. He was born in Colombia. Mechatronic, passionate about science and the creation of technologies that facilitate and improve the lives of farmers. With 9 years of work in development and technological innovation. His challenge is to optimize the technology to the point to provide the simplest possible solutions for the most complex agribusiness challenges. He also has fun working with automation solutions and robotic applications to agribusiness and is enthusiastic about working with experts from diverse disciplines to integrate team knowledge.

Fellow researchers


Oriana Michelle Gomez Muñoz

Wireless Sensor Networks IoT and Cloud Computing precision agriculture and smart tecnologies for environment System Engineering Programming languages (Java C ++) Databases (DB2 MySQL Oracle) Data Warehouse (DataStage) Operating Systems (AIX Linux Windows) Artificial Intelligence Software Engineering 3D animation (Blender) Graphic Design (Corel Draw PhotoShop)

Luis Armando Muñoz Borja

Knowledge Management Digital Agriculture Climate Change Plant breeding and plant propagation Agriculture Climate smart agriculture Family agriculture Gas emission Productive systems Rural Extension

Luis Sandoval

agricultural economics data science business analytics strategy food security food and agricultural policy

Daniel Jimenez Rodas

Agronomy Agriculture Research for Development Research Data Mining Big Data Machine Learning Artificial intelligence Data analysis Climate Change

Hugo Andrés Dorado Betancourt

Statistics Machine Learnig Data Science Computational Optimization

Juan Camilo Rivera Palacio

Digital agriculture Machine learning Deep learning

Andrés Aguilar Ariza

agriculture remote sensing earth observation data machine learning

Daniela Salas Betancourt

Marketing and internacional business
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