Jessica Lineth
Sánchez Quintero

Agronomy Genetic Improvement of crops Seed Management


Graduated in Agricultural Sciences, with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering from EARTH University, Costa Rica, 2015. Diploma in Innovative Coffee Growing, from CATIE in 2020. She as a worked as an agrochemical sales agent for 3 years. In June 2018, she joined IDIAP at the Center for Agricultural Innovation, Chiriquí as a research assistant. Currently, she is a technical coordinator, also, collaborates as a researcher in the projects: Obtaining and developing varieties of potato and sweet potato with a high agronomic performance and nutritional quality; Technological alternatives and biocontrol tools applied to horticultural production, Tierras Altas, Chiriquí; Research and innovation in onion production and Improvement of coffee varieties (Coffea arabica), Experimental Station (IDIAP), Cerro Punta, Chiriquí, Panamá.


Fellow researchers


Ivette Alicia Acuña Bravo

Plant health decision support system Integrated crop management

Ana María Florencia Lucca

Phytophthora infestans potatoes Argentina Netherlands Latin America good agricultural practices integrated pest management decision support systems climate change adaptation fungicides monitoring field experimentation growers genotype phenotype protocols data analysis environmental assessment

Cristina Tello Torres

- Integrated Pest Management - Plant Breeding - Plant Pathology - Scientific research

Arnulfo Gutierréz

Agronomy Genetic Improvement of crops Seed Management. Agriculture Family agriculture Genetic improvement Pests y Diseases

Gabriela Alexandra Narváez Pavón

- Technology transfer - Farmer group management - Training tools - Potato crop management - Social development projects management - Statistical programs management

Segundo Fausto Yumisaca Jiménez

- Agriculture - Statistics - Participatory Research - Social Sciences - Local Development Agriculture Capacity building Genetic improvement Postharvest

Betty Mariana Paucar Sisa

- Technology transfer - Agroecology - Peasant family farming - Soil Microbiology - Phytopathology - Project development and management

Diego Fernando Peñaherrera Mafla

- Validation and training of agricultural technologies generated by the INIAP - Validation of agroecological technologies - Preparation of crop guides that facilitate learning aimed at agricultural technicians and promoters - Social and solidarity agribusiness - Rural entrepreneurship and savings banks - Short marketing circuits - Organizational strengthening - Participatory SGP guarantee systems - Production and processing of Cannabis sativa in an agroecological way (personal experience)

Rodrigo Alcides Morales Araúz

Agronomy Plant Pathology Genetic Crop Improvement and Sustainable Agriculture Agriculture Agroindustry Bio-inputs Capacity building Genetic improvement Pests y Diseases Postharvest Poverty Productive systems Rural Extension

Liliam Marieth Marquinéz Batista

Economics Environmental Socioeconomics Agricultural Administration.

Constanza María Sepúlveda Teuber

Dissemination and extension techniques for different producers and farmers (dairy meat and potato production). potato crop management and estimation of production costs of farm production systems (dairy meat and potato crop).

Victoria Alicia López Guerrero

Validation and multiplication of agricultural and livestock technologies generated by INIAP stations - Organizational and emotional strengthening - Training on the different agricultural and livestock technologies generated by the INIAP stations - Preparation of Guides to facilitate the learning of agricultural and livestock technologies generated by the INIAP stations - Preparation of protocols to validate agricultural and livestock technologies generated by INIAP stations - Financial education - Agroecology - Productive entrepreneurship and value generation - Homegardens - Agroforestry

Rodrigo Santiago Bravo Herrera

agrometeorology decision support sysmtem early warning climate change

Lorena Anabel Medina Rivera

Agricultural Health food quality and safety project management good agricultural practices risk analysis.

Juan Miguel Quintana Arena

Meteorologist senior specialized in climatology topics such as climate variability and climate change on a local regional and global scale analysts in meteorological and climatic time series and atmospheric dynamics expert.
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