Oñederra Aramendi


She has completed her master's degree in Agroecology at the International University of Andalusia. She is currently working on her Ph.D. at the Institute of Sociology and Peasant Studies (ISEC-UCO), about the governance model that is structured around Alternative Food Systems. She has participated in several researches related to agroecological productive systems, rural development and territorialized food networks.

In addition, she has coordinated and dynamized several agroecological projects rooted in the territory, from a Participatory Action Research perspective. Among others, the Network of consumption groups of Gipuzkoa, or the Food Hub of Azpeitia. She also participates in the elaboration of regional participatory diagnoses, for the design of territorialized food strategies. On the other hand, she actively collaborates in the association EHKolektiboa, an agroecological movement of the Basque Country that seeks to organize a Participatory System of Guarantees in the territory.

Fellow researchers

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