Costa Rica

Sánchez Ledezma


He is an Agricultural Engineer, M.Sc. and currently a Researcher in Pastures and Forages at the National Institute for Innovation and Transfer of Agricultural Technology of Costa Rica. There he directs 5 regional projects related to different topics around forage management in livestock production: Rational Intensive Management of pastures and forages for the transformation of extensive and extractive management systems to an intensive and sustainable one; Evaluation of forage conservation alternatives, as an adaptation strategy to climate change; Estimation of in vitro methane production in tropical and cold climate pastures in Costa Rica; Changes in carbon and nitrogen in soils under different pasture covers and their management in livestock farms; Determination of the optimal age for grazing Brachiaria brizantha under Tropical Rainforest zone in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica, considering production and quality of dry matter of the pasture. He was awarded in 2015 by the Central American Cooperative Program for the Improvement of Crops and Animals (PCCMCA)with the first place at the general level with his research on animal production, called, "Production and nutritive value of pastures and cereals grown in association with vicia (Vicia sativa)". He is institutionally responsible for the FONTAGRO Sustainable Dairy Intensification Project (FTG/RF-15940-RG). He conducts various dissemination and transfer works in close contact with the Dos Pinos Cooperative and the Federation of Costa Rican Chambers of Livestock Farmers. In the last 10 years he has published more than 15 research or extension articles related to pasture management on beef or dairy farms.

With the support of
Fondo Coreano de Alianza para el Conocimiento en Tecnología e Innovación (KPK)