The beneficiaries of FONTAGRO are mainly its member countries,
as well as other countries in the LAC region or outside the region which have expressed their interest in FONTAGRO’s projects or alliances.
The direct beneficiaries of FONTAGRO’s activities:
  • National agricultural research and innovation institutions
  • Regional institutions and international organizations
  • Companies, farmer’s organizations, cooperatives
  • Researchers, leaders of member institutions, co-executors, partners, and organizations which cooperate in the projects funded by FONTAGRO.
  • Extensionists, professionals, and technicians in the agricultural sector.
  • Government representatives in charge of public investment on agriculture, including those in the agricultural policy sector.
  • Current and potential beneficiaries of the projects funded by FONTAGRO in the region.
Indirect beneficiaries of the activities carried out by FONTAGRO:
  • Consumers, students, suppliers, neighboring communities, among others.