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Due to human actions and climate change, these areas are very vulnerable to more damage and decline as communities struggle to obtain minimal livelihoods amid ongoing poverty. Heifer International, committed to ending hunger and poverty while caring for the earth, focuses on empowering vulnerable, smallscale agricultural producers to achieve sustainable livelihoods.

The Heifer Americas Area program has designed a comprehensive program to address the problems facing communities who live within these dry forest ecosystems. The program, Food and Nutritional Security in the Central and South America Dry Corridor (SANSECO) is a ten-year integrated program that will work with thousands of families and key stakeholders at various levels to bring clear, concrete, and meaningful change to families to secure more productive livelihoods and to restore ecosystems. Built on a foundation of in-depth analysis, key strategies, and implementation activities, SANSECO reflects the Heifer International commitment to inclusive partnerships, community capacity building, and sustainable results.

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