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Along certain pacific coastal shores in Latin America, dramatic changes are underway. Mangroves, with their twisting roots and tangled foliage are increasingly under threat from deforestation and climate change. The degradation of marine-coastal systems depletes the rich productivity of these ecosystems, resulting in significant drops in fish and shellfish supply, decreasing agricultural harvests and a downward quality of life for the communities who depend on these areas for their livelihoods.

These populations, many of whom are historically and culturally deeply tied to these ecosystems, are increasingly strained under the pressures of climate change to secure sustainable livelihoods amid such displacement and change. Heifer International, having worked previously in mangrove conservation and sustainable livelihood management, has developed the Sustainable Management of Mangroves and Coastal Ecosystems (PROCOSTA) to contribute to the environmental and economic sustainability of families, communities and territories in coastal and mangrove ecosystems. Working across eight countries, PROCOSTA provides a broad program framework under which select projects will integrate careful analysis, meaningful community and stakeholder collaboration and results-oriented and practical interventions with lasting conservation and community livelihood change.

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