By Comunicaciones

After taking part in a competitive process, Juan Balbi joined the FONTAGRO Secretariat as Program Administrator on July 2, 2018. Juan is from Uruguay and has been heading up management and accounting teams in public and private institutions for more than 12 years.

In his early weeks at FONTAGRO, we interviewed Juan to get to know more about his motivations and experience.


FONTAGRO: What prompted you to apply for the position of FONTAGRO [Program] Administrator?

Juan Balbi: The first thing I felt when reading the job description was that my skills were in line with the position’s requirements because of my management experience and because of how much I enjoy the work. Later, after learning more about FONTAGRO, I found it to be very interesting and believe its mission and vision are extremely noble. I am quite excited about this opportunity because I will be able to continue to build on the skills I acquired in previous jobs, and, at the same time, learn more about the amazing world of agricultural innovation and science in Latin America and the Caribbean.

FONTAGRO: What do you think you can bring to the Secretariat?

J.B.: What I bring to the table, besides the studies, knowledge, and skills listed in my C.V. is, without a doubt, my eagerness and desire to do this job. In me, FONTAGRO will have someone who enjoys what he does and who will spend each day learning and giving a bit more. And, based on past experience, I know that is a factor for growth in organizations.

FONTAGRO: For those who haven’t met you, how would you describe yourself?

J.B.: All my professional experience has been in the area of administration. I have always worked on interdisciplinary teams, which require organization, planning, and the ability to constantly adapt, as well as active listening, assertiveness, and empathy, not to mention the ability to work well under stress. I am a proactive, motivated, and motivating person who is committed to the organization and its people, with a great desire to add value to the organization.