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Cadmio en Cacao


Alemania Colombia Costa Rica Ecuador Italia Panamá Perú

Investment Requested US$: 500000
Counterpart Amount US$: 1953546
Total Amount US$: 2453546
Execution Period: 48 MONTHS

Generate alternatives to decrease at least 5% of the concentration of cadmium levels in soil, which will benefit 150,000 farmers, and will be reflected in the reduction of the risk to human health, by consuming products contaminated with this heavy metal.

Technological Solution

Development of technological alternatives for the management of cadmium in the cultivation of cocoa and standardization of protocols in reference laboratories in the region.

Executive Summary

The Multiagency Platform of Cocoa is constituted by seven countries (Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Panamá, Italy, Germany) and is a regional reference for the development of new knowledge, generation of technologies and proposals of protocols for the value chain. The project will focus on understanding the dynamics of cadmium in production systems, improve current levels of productivity, generate knowledge about quality and safety issues, generate cadmium maps and thus establish mitigation plans and technologies, among others.

Sustainable development goals
Alignment to the PMP of Fontagro

It contributes to the "consolidation of regional and inter-regional platforms to respond to opportunities and challenges, strengthening the capacities of national systems, as well as attacking barriers to the adoption of new knowledge and technologies". The project will be executed within the framework of the strategic line "to improve the strategic lines of technological, organizational and institutional innovation in the member countries" determined in the same document.

Potential of beneficiaries

Potential beneficiaries include 150,000 agriculturists to apply the technology generated during the project, enabling them to reduce cadmium concentrations in cocoa.


Cacao multiagency platform for Latin America and the Caribbean “Cacao 2030-2050”

US$ 500000

Investment requested


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