FONTAGRO supports the development of new initiatives through Seed Funds. They are special contributions for the development of large projects, for technical and financial cooperation with strategic studies in priority areas for the region.

Below is a list of seed funds:

Seed Funds
FTG/RF-15069-RG Sustainable Intensification for Dairy Production
FTG/RF-14862-RG Quinoa Competitiveness in Peru and Bolivia (CIRNMA)
FTG/RF-14863-RG ICT Innovations (INTA AR)
FTG/RF-15563-RG Bioeconomy
RG-T2888 Intensification and diversification of horticultural production systems under protected conditions for small farmers
RG-T2889 Guidelines for a capacity strengthening strategy for FONTAGRO member countries
RG-T2890 Foundations for the development of a project assessment and monitoring platform