Agreed Upon Projects: are initiatives agreed upon by the member countries to address very important issues, where the main financing comes from the member countries themselves and other donors. The operation of the innovation platforms generated by these projects is co-funded by FONTAGRO.
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Below is a list of joint projects that FONTAGRO is working on:
Joint projects
FTG/RF-14652-RG Greenhouse Gas Emissions (CATIE, CR)
FTG/RF-14653-RG Greenhouse Gas Emissions (UNALAM, IICA-Pe)
FTG/RF-14654-RG Networking and Capacity Building (FTG/STA)
FTG/RF-14995-RG FTG Knowledge Management
FTG/FG-15072-RG Coffee Rust Early Warning (IICA CR)
FTG/RF-15384-RG (KNL) Virtual Course